link1 [ lıŋk ] verb transitive ***
1. ) usually passive if people, things, or events are linked, they are related to each other in some way:
Police suspect that the two murder cases are linked.
be linked to/with something: Rock music has often been linked with the drug culture.
be closely/inextricably/intimately linked: People's physical and emotional well-being are inextricably linked.
2. ) to say or show that two things are related, or that one of the things causes the other:
link someone/something to something: Police have evidence linking Bates to a drug-importation operation.
Scientists now link certain types of cancer to the amount of junk food that people consume.
3. ) to connect two or more places:
Several new roads will link the southern and northern regions of the country.
link something to/with something: a new footbridge linking the Tate Modern with St Paul's Cathedral
a ) to connect things together so that they stay attached:
link something to something: Link the supply cable to the fitting at the rear of the machine.
b ) to connect computers so that information can be sent between them
link arms
to put the bend of your arm through the bend of another person's arm:
The girls linked arms as they walked to school.
,link `up phrasal verb intransitive
to make a connection between two or more things:
link up with: The space shuttle will link up with the space station this afternoon.
link 2 [ lıŋk ] noun count ***
1. ) a connection between two or more people, places, facts, or events, especially when one is affected or caused by the other:
link between: Police arrested a man believed to be the main link between crime rings.
They are studying the links between carbon emissions and climate change.
find/establish/prove a link: The link between smoking and cancer was established decades ago.
a ) a connection made between two pieces of electronic equipment so that they can exchange information:
The link between my computer and the telephone isn't very good.
2. ) often plural a relationship between two or more people, organizations, or countries:
trading/economic links
link with/between: At that time there was a close link between Scotland and France.
Back in the 1980s, the bank was criticized for its links with South Africa.
forge/foster/develop a link: The institution's goal is to forge stronger links between the scientific community and the world of industry.
3. ) a means of travel or communication connecting two or more places:
a road/rail link
link between: There's a new permanent satellite link between Hong Kong and New York.
a ) COMPUTING a connection between one file or section and another, for example a connection on a WEB SITE: HYPERLINK:
If you click on this link, it takes you to our flight schedule.
4. ) one of the connecting rings in a chain
the missing link
1. ) something such as a piece of information that is needed to connect two things or to complete an explanation, solution, etc.
2. ) in the theory of EVOLUTION, an animal that was believed to have EVOLVED from APES and evolved into humans, but was never proved to exist
the weak link (in the chain)
the weakest part of a group, plan, or team

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.


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